You recorded it. We launch it.

The world is waiting for your unique music – and now it’s time to deliver it the right way.

The music industry is constantly evolving. With the introduction of emerging trends in technology, creative intelligence, and audience tastes, the industry proves one of the most challenging to work in.

And let’s face it, no matter how brilliant an album you make, if no one knows about it … the sales simply won’t happen. With decades of music industry experience we have the skills to help you, your band, and your album get in front of your audience. Luna Recording can provide you with a comprehensive – and proven – platform that will help you launch your album and generate sales. This incredible package includes everything you need, including a vibrant Internet presence that promotes your album and helps you build a wide, enthusiastic audience for it.

Web Development

The time to start promoting your album begins when you begin recording your album, if not sooner! Building your platform starts with an up-to-date, website that works for you by helping you grow your fan base with clear effective calls-to-action, interactive elements to acquire emails, comments, and reviews; letting fans in on the recording process, announcing performances, and integrating the all important social media. Your website can automate your entire marketing campaign and, if you want it, we can build a crowdfunding system to help you raise funds to produce your album!

With your website as the foundation, we also work with you on developing and building your fan base with social media. Wherever you can get exposure to a wider audience the better your sales will be. From Facebook to Twitter, SoundCloud to Vimeo, LinkedIn to Spotify, we will work to ensure consistent visuals and messaging.

With your album platform built and growing, and the music nearing completion it’s time to rock the album artwork and we can do that too. With years of graphic design experience you can count on amazing album design.

Need a music video? We got your back on that end too.

If you are interested in our promotional opportunities for your album contact Aaron Yeagle at 971.207.6038 or check out a sample of his work HERE.